ISABE Foundation Members

The International Society of Airbreathing Engines (ISABE) was formed to further the free exchange, on an international level, of knowledge in the field of airbreathing propulsion for flight vehicles. ISABE members include individuals and organizations from all nations of the world.

ISABE has several objectives:
  • To encourage research and participation in the field of airbreathing propulsion, including advanced power plant concepts, engine and component design; engine/vehicle integration; design and off-design performance and characteristics; fuels, fuel controls and combustion; fluid mechanics and gas dynamics; advanced materials and manufacturing techniques; engine and integrated flight propulsion controls; advanced diagnostic measurement and health monitoring techniques; economic, operations and life cycle cost aspects; airworthiness, type certification, test and evaluation techniques; and manufacturing, maintenance and reliability aspects of propulsion units
  • To participate in international projects of development in the field of airbreathing engines
  • To organize an International Conference on Airbreathing Engines every two years

ISABE is governed by its Board of Directors, which is composed of executive officers, including President, Vice-President, two Joint Secretaries, Secretary Treasurer, Founding President and Immediate Past-President to ensure continuity of operations, and the primary delegates (and their alternates) of member nations.