ISABE 2017

The International Conference on Airbreathing Engines is held every two years, during the odd-numbered years. The 2017 conference will be held in Manchester, England on September 3 – 8, 2017.

Any of the member nations may volunteer to be host nation for conference.

Welcome Messages and Invitations

XXIII International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines
Affordability, Profitability, and Environmental Compatibility: Airbreathing Propulsion Technologies Enabling Sustainable Growth in Air Transportation

September 3 – 8, 2017
Manchester, England

Once more details are announced, you will be able to email any conference related questions you might have.

What Is Planned in Manchester

Invited Lectures
Lectures by distinguished leaders in airbreathing engines

Contributed Technical Paper Sessions
Papers on various topics associated with airbreathing engines for flight vehicles and aero-derivative engines for power generation.

Special Forum
ISABE – ICAS (International Council of Aeronautical Sciences) Joint Session

Social Events for Informal Discussions, Networking and Relaxation
Will be announced soon.

Accompanying Persons Program
Will be announced soon

Technical Visits
Will be announced soon.

Technical Exhibits
Will be announced soon.

Proposals for Participation:
  • Offering a Paper:
    • To offer a paper and submit an Abstract, please proceed to the Papers & Publications page
  • Offering to chair a session:
    • Please contact your National Delegate and copy Prof. Rainer Walther at [email protected]
  • Special Forum:
    • More infomration will be announced soon.
Conference Venue

Manchester Conference Centre