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Authors can submit an abstract in English to be considered for a paper presentation at the conference.

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Subject Areas Included in the Conference

The following is a list of major subject areas of interest: All aspects of airbreathing engines for flight propulsion in all regimes of speed and aero-derivative engines for power production are included, as well as components that are ancillary to engines. The greatest emphasis is on creation and utilization of the best technology for sustainable progress.

Systems: New developments in gas turbine engines, ramjet, scramjet engines, combined cycle engines, pulsed and other detonation engines, various assisted engines, micro engines, multipurpose engines, integrated systems and integration technologies

Cost and Business: Economics of engine development, testing, production, certification, usage and maintenance, civil and military engine business, acquisition, ownership and marketing, lifecycle and other costs

Environment: Chemical and noise pollution

Safety: Engine safety and engine-caused safety problems, material and structural failure

Aeromechanics, Flutter, Vibration and High Cycle Fatigue

Engineering Sciences: Problems of fluid and gas dynamics, sprays, combustion, heat transfer, conventional and advanced materials

Diagnostics, Instrumentation and Sensors

Thermal Management: Cooling technology, coolers, heat exchangers and energy bypass schemes, compressor and turbine cooling

Intelligent Engine Control and Health Monitoring

Materials and Structures: Smart materials and structures, titanium technology, composites, ceramics, thermoelasticity, structures, coatings

Compressors, Turbines: Axial and centrifugal compressors, axial and other turbines, aerodynamics, mechanics

Fuels, Injection, and Ignition: Fuels for gas turbines, alternate fuels, combined cycles, micro-engines, endothermic fuels for cooling, injection technologies, ignition technologies

Integrated Testing, Prediction and Evaluation
Manufacturing Processes
Engine Operability
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Organization

Synthesis Methods: From concept to usable product; rational methods of synthesis, virtual development and testing

Hypersonic Vehicle Propulsion: Space launch vehicles, cruise vehicles, military systems

STOVL Vehicle Propulsion: Thrust vector, design options, controls, ground effects

Unmanned Air Vehicle Propulsion: Various propulsion systems for UAV

Helicopter Propulsion: Small engines, propellers, special air intakes, noise control

Micro- and Small Engines: Components and systems

Education and Training: Re-engineering of the Gas turbine curriculum, education partnerships, best practices, etc.

Skills Challenges: Demographics, apprenticeships, global skills, systems engineers, etc.