Invitation to ISABE 2017

ISABE very much looks forward to your presence at the 2017 ISABE Conference in Manchester, the 3-8 September 2017. Manchester, as I am certain you know, is the birthplace of Rolls-Royce and a major European cultural, industrial and tourist centre. Please keep an eye on our website to keep abreast of the opportunities this conference presents.

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) will publish a special issue of The Aeronautical Journal for the ISABE 2017 conference. This will contain 8~12 papers from the conference. Papers for this special issue will need to be submitted as fully completed manuscripts by July 2016 for a pre-selection by the ISABE Board. Those selected will then be submitted for the review process of the Royal Aeronautical Society.



Beyond this, for those that qualify, ISABE will offer its own review process through professionals in many countries. This means that for ISABE 2017 there will be three streams for paper submissions:

Normal – with abstract submission by July 2016, full paper by June 2017
ISABE Review – abstract by July 2016 – full paper by February 2017
RAeS Special Issue and Review – full manuscript by July 2016

Welcome Messages

President ISABE

Director of Research and Technology, Rolls Royce

Propulsion engineering offers extraordinary opportunities and challenges, having contributed hugely to the achievement of superb standards of safety, economy and environment friendliness in modern aviation. The majority of major innovations in aircraft have been enabled by novel propulsion systems. Large R&D investments are required in a wide range of propulsion technologies aimed at enhancing the future profitability and attractiveness of aviation while reducing environmental impact. The fruit of these investments also spill over into other industries resulting in much wider social benefits and economic growth.

Our industry is fiercely competitive with many world class players in the field, at many levels and in many countries. Simultaneously (schizophrenically?) our industry is also very collaborative. Competitors collaborate in joint programmes covering a wide range of R&D topics and together we all aim at further enhancements in environmental performance and safety.

You are all very welcome at ISABE; with its international representation and participation it is the key propulsion forum for collaboration and the dissemination of ideas that will help secure the great prospect and promise that aviation holds.

ISABE President 2007-2015

Vice-President of Engineering And Chief Technology Officer – Honeywell Aerospace

ISABE is a special community. It is similar to other professional societies in that it promotes and encourages research and participation in the field of airbreathing propulsion. Yet, it is very unique in its focus on how we relate to each other and share findings & developments internationally.

No other technical society or group makes international collaboration its focus and ISABE, over its forty years, has been at the center of fostering that type of collaboration. ISABE is essentially founded on the principle that we all prosper and benefit from more sharing and it takes an expansive view of how knowledge grows when we all work together.

By doing that, ISABE is not only bringing communities together from around the world, but also ensuring one of the most pivotal technologies in making the world a tighter, more integrated community – airbreathing propulsion – continues to advance and improve.

ISABE Vice President 2015-2017

Head – Propulsion Engineering, Cranfield University

Airbreathing Propulsion Systems are at the forefront of technology and central to our way of life. Furthermore technology transfer from propulsion to other areas of activity, beyond aerospace, has yielded great environmental, economic and utility benefits. The ISABE conference is a great forum to showcase industry trends, key developments, future concepts and ideas. It provides fertile ground for beneficial exchanges between professionals across the globe.