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Welcome Messages

Dr. Frank Haselbach

President ISABE

Head of Propulsion, Airbus

Since the beginning of human flight, propelling an aircraft has been a major challenge and seen as a key to prolonged and sustainable flight. The art of propulsion underwent huge developments, from simple piston engines, via the roaring jet-engine era, to today's modern turbofan and turboprops. Today's propulsion concepts represent the highest power dense products in the world (for repetitive use) and they are lasting for very long time-on-wing too. So, for over 100 years Aerospace has brought countless benefits to the global society. Since the first two revolutions (piston and jet engines) civil aviation has become so safe and commonplace that new business models, social interactions, leisure activities, employment opportunities, cascading technology developments and other benefits have accrued very widely via this enabler. Now, aviation is currently going through its 3rd revolution. The objective of the third revolution is to foster and improve the environmental footprint of air transport while continuing to deliver all the benefits our industry brings. This requires technology investment, large scale development programmes and a multitude of talented professionals. New energy sources, sustainable fuels and hydrogen/hybrid systems are at the centre of this on the technology side to achieve carbon neutrality of the overall industry. In other words, society realises that fossil energy carriers are to be changed, and for aviation, propulsion is at the very centre of this third evolution. ISABE, the global forum for propulsion interests, offers a very clear window into this multifaceted fascinating challenge to engineers & leaders from Industry, public officers, regulators, environmental experts, academics, researchers and other participants of our multidisciplinary community. You are cordially invited, come and join us!!!

Prof. Richard Parker

ISABE President 2015-2022

Special Adviser, Rolls-Royce plc

Propulsion engineering offers extraordinary opportunities and challenges, having contributed hugely to the achievement of superb standards of safety, economy and environment friendliness in modern aviation. The majority of major innovations in aircraft have been enabled by novel propulsion systems. Large R&D investments are required in a wide range of propulsion technologies aimed at enhancing the future profitability and attractiveness of aviation while reducing environmental impact. The fruit of these investments also spill over into other industries resulting in much wider social benefits and economic growth.

Our industry is fiercely competitive with many world class players in the field, at many levels and in many countries. Simultaneously (schizophrenically?) our industry is also very collaborative. Competitors collaborate in joint programmes covering a wide range of R&D topics and together we all aim at further enhancements in environmental performance and safety.

You are all very welcome at ISABE; with its international representation and participation it is the key propulsion forum for collaboration and the dissemination of ideas that will help secure the great prospect and promise that aviation holds.

Dr. Stephane Burguburu

ISABE Vice President 2022-2024

Safran Aircraft Engines

Dear Aerospace Enthusiasts and Experts

ISABE welcomes you to Toulouse, a global aerospace hub to engage at close hand with the vast sustainability efforts our industry is making. We firmly believe that sustainability encompasses protection of the environment while ensuring economic growth continues, bringing socioeconomic welfare in the near and long term. Technology investments will bring sustainability while creating employment, business and leisure opportunities. ISABE, the global propulsion forum welcomes you to witness the vast improvements taking place at this time of deep change. Toulouse, in addition to its aerospace importance, is a city of culture, a population centre dating more than 2000 years. Its nice climate and its location on the banks of the Garonne make it a beautiful place to visit. We very much look forward to meet you and greet you in our city.

Invitation to ISABE 2024

ISABE very much looks forward to your presence at the 2024 ISABE Conference in Toulouse,France the 22th to 27th September 2022. Please keep an eye on our website to keep abreast of the opportunities this conference presents.

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) will publish a special issue of The Aeronautical Journal for the ISABE 2024 conference. This will contain 8~12 papers from the conference. Papers for this special issue will need to be submitted as fully completed manuscripts by Aug 2023 for a pre-selection by the ISABE Board. Those selected will then be submitted for the review process of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


Our History

International Society for Air Breathing Engines

ISABE Founding Members

United Technologies
Pratt & Whitney
Aerospatiale-Matra Missiles
GKN Aerospace Engine Systems
Rolls Royce plc, UK
Rolls Royce USAD Allison
Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Centre de Villaroche
General Electric Aircraft Engines
MTU Aero Engines GmbH
Ishikawajima-Harima Industries

Steering Committee

Dr. James E. Bub
Founding President
ENCON International, Inc.
Prof. Ric Parker
Dr. Ibrahim Yimer
NRC Canada
The late Dr. S.N.B. Murthy
Founding Secretary
Dr. Glen Snedden
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Prof. Rainer Walther
Administrative Secretary

From the Beginning

  • 1972

    1st Conference

    Marseille, FR

  • 1974

    2nd Conference

    Sheffield, UK

  • 1976

    3rd Conference

    Munich, GE

  • 1979

    4th Conference

    Orlando, FL, USA

  • 1981

    5th Conference

    Bangalore, IN

  • 1983

    6th Conference

    Paris, FR

  • 1985

    7th Conference

    Beijing, CH

  • 1987

    8th Conference

    Cincinnati, OH, USA

  • 1989

    9th Conference

    Athens, GR

  • 1991

    10th Conference

    Nottingham, UK

  • 1993

    11th Conference

    Tokyo, JP

  • 1995

    12th Conference

    Melbourne, AU

  • 1997

    13th Conference

    Chattanooga, TN, USA

  • 1999

    14th Conference

    Florence, IT

  • 2001

    15th Conference

    Bangalore, IN

  • 2003

    16th Conference

    Cleveland, OH, USA

  • 2005

    17th Conference

    Munich, GE

  • 2007

    18th Conference

    Beijing, CH

  • 2009

    19th Conference

    Montreal, CA

  • 2011

    20th Conference

    Gothenburg, SW

  • 2013

    21st Conference

    Busan, KO-View Submissions

  • 2015

    22nd Conference

    Phoenix, USA

  • 2017

    23rd Conference

    Manchester, UK

  • 2019

    24th Conference

    Canberra, Australia

  • 2019

    25th Conference (25-30 Sep 2022)


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